Coupon Repair Form

Use this Coupon Repair Form to submit a request for a repaired or replacement Feature Key File for your Xerox Wide Format product. Requests may take from 1-2 business days. If you are attempting to redeem a new Feature Key, you must go to the Xerox Wide Format Coupon Exchange.

Be sure to carefully check the IOT/Advanced Network/Scanner Hardware Address.

Request Information
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Requested Action:  

Required Feature:  

Customer Information
Company Name: Contact Name:  
Address1: Address2:
City: Province:  
Zip/Postal Code: Country:  
Phone: Email Address:  

Machine Information

Coupon ID
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IOT H/W Address: Printer Serial #:
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Advanced Network H/W Address: Controller Serial #:
: : : : :
Scanner H/W Address: Scanner Serial #:
: : : : :

Controller F/W Level:

Problem Description:  

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